On-demand workshop: Build frictionless customer onboarding using AI APIs

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APIs have become the backbone of organizations’ needs and digital transformation efforts

APIs have held the centerstage in enterprises digital transformation since 2020. As we reach the end of 2021, APIs continue to be crucial for building scalable ‘platforms’ in a short span along with becoming a competitive business advantage.

However, implementing APIs is not a small task - between new launches, overlapping applications, and building seamless customer experiences - implementing interoperable and reusable APIs also means figuring out the costs, use cases, infrastructure and support needed to become a digital-first company. Further, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with APIs is helping organizations achieve a ‘platform at scale’ approach, rather than building one-off applications

Recently launched, ‘Arya APIs’ is a curated library of AI APIs that are ready to use, require no customizations, and are trained to work efficiently on generic data. Enterprises can embark on the digital transformation journey by gradually upgrading existing systems through the use of one or two APIs, or even build out new systems using combinations of APIs.

Our workshop on AI APIs will help you envision the process improvements that AI can render onto your customer onboarding process maps. The workshop also covers a tutorial to build a full-service application for unique, hassle free customer onboarding powered by Arya APIs. We intend that you takeaway a clear idea of ‘what’ and ‘how’ relevant to your company’s transformation context.

Topics discussed:

  • APIs driving digital transformations - Dynamics, strategies, challenges
  • How AI and other emerging technologies are driving API strategies
  • Details on Arya APIs
  • Hands-on  tutorial - Follow along session on building a Customer on-boarding application powered by Arya APIs. The application will be capable of performing:
  1. Passive Face Liveness Detection
  2. KYC Extraction
  3. KYC verification
      - Verifying extracted information
      - Face verification
  4. KYC Signature Detection
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