P&C insurance

Finding the balance between serving dynamic customer requirements and following rigorous processes is crucial to profitable business growth.

Characterized by predominantly annual contracts and ever-increasing Churn, P&C insurers operate in a data environment that is, apart from being vast, very diverse viz., multiple data formats and multiple data sets. AI offers considerable promise in Auto Insurance Marketing, Servicing, Claims and Fraud prevention. The challenge is to unlock the value buried in this data to select and manage appropriate risks, retain better customers, accelerate claim payments, reduce fraud, match changing business needs, price competitively and maintain regulatory compliance. ​

Autonomous systems shall be able to learn complex features across multiple dimensional data sets and assist the P&C insurance business to match customer requirements while efficiently and comprehensively monitoring associated risk regimes.

Virtual attendance

Improve effectiveness of customer communication to build engagement, boost conversion rates, and decrease churn.

Sharper Customer acquisition and enhanced customer experience

Automate customer selection and retention methodologies using Assistive AI module, which can learn more granular features across dimension and evolve along with the data

Automate customer selection and retention methodologies using Assistive AI module, that can learn more granular features across dimension and evolve along with the data

Uplift in conversion rates and overall ROI from the sourcing channel

Nudge the sales teams towards profitable customers and most suitable products

Increase Share of Wallet from channels by running optimized micro-strategies

Enhance opportunity to Upsell and Cross sell using Nudges form Assistive AI

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Acquire risks from the market at the same speed as new using the power of AI and eliminate leakages and frauds at the same time

Underwrite new and rollover cases vehicles on the go

Dig deep into to accumulated organisational memory to categorise  rollover vehicles  for acceptance  or raise suspicion at an early stage

Enhance ability to  categorise risks at inception

Eliminate frauds , misrepresentations at customer acquisition stage

Improve distribution efficiencies and channel loss ratios

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Handsfree Auto claims settlement which is data-driven and standardised. Earn your Sales channel's delight and improve settlement ratios

Settle Auto claims without human intervention

Create an automated claims settlement mechanism which will  provide approval decisions on the fly

Reduce  manual dependence on worthy claims

Standardise claim settlement decisions and reduce decisioning variance.

Improve channel satisfaction by reduced TATs. Increase stickiness.

Reduce leakages and improve loss ratios

Virtual attendance

Increase investigations hit rate by XX through enhanced organisational ability to identify and eliminate frauds thereby improving loss ratios and reducing leakages

Eliminate frauds through sharper investigations

Arm the investigator with AI enabled triggers, Reduce losses and flag suspicious dimensions including claims, providers, intermediaries and stakeholder

Avail advantage of predictive fraud triggers at the earliest stage in claims cycle

Improve claim settlement efficiencies with ample time on hand for investigations

Track investigator efficiencies through a workflow and course correct where required

Improve loss ratios and reduce claims costs by more successful investigations

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