AI helps Life insurance to grow without impacting claims performance

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The customer is one of India's largest private Life insurance companies. They have a good presence in metropolitan areas and plan to expand to enter Tier II markets while also increasing penetration in current markets.

The engagement's objective was to support new business with faster underwriting responses while ensuring higher policy counts without increasing underwriting expenses or impacting the claims performance.’s Autonomous Underwriting Management (AUM) was deployed to support these aims.


An UW rule engine, supplied by the re-insurer, was in use and it was able to underwrite traditional and standard user profiles. Complex cases were, however, largely manually underwritten. Given the expansion plans, manual cases are projected to drastically increase the underwriters' load. Typical underwriting processes involve requirement of exhaustive additional data, resulting in back and forth communications with customers. Lots of effort were focused on low-value tasks, spanning across different tools resulting insignificant loss of productivity. This increased the TAT for decisions, harming the customer experience and resulting in customer dropouts.

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