On-demand workshop: From Data Extraction to Data validation: Using AI APIs to achieve end-to-end automated customer acquisition

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It has been a decade of new strides in ‘Digital transformation’ initiatives - an optimistic strategy to transform in response to changing customer needs through cutting edge technologies.  Along with continually introducing new products and services, organizations are also looking for ways to keep pace with demand that is simultaneously escalating and rapidly evolving  - with technologies like Artificial intelligence and Deep learning.

APIs are helping organizations to adapt their existing infrastructure to matching  and fulfilling the customer journey.

While the use of APIs is not something new, the coming together of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with APIs is  now helping companies achieve a ‘platform at scale’ approach, rather than building one-off applications. APIs have become more intelligent and agile, providing higher levels of precision for specific and relevant tasks - also giving the strategic advantage kickstarting the AI journey. This development where AI can now be piped in through APIs is truly significant in lowering the entry barrier for enterprises wishing to imbue their processes, both internal and customer facing, with the power of AI. Digital transformation plans can now be actually implemented in terms of opportunities to develop new products or introduce new services, create better customer experiences, or improve existing processes at most economic value.

Second in the series of Arya.ai workshop series on APIs, this workshop will help you envision how APIs are fueling innovation in core processes,  overview of Arya AI API platform, and a quick tutorial on how you can leverage the APIs on offer to build applications - quickly, easily and at scale, to unlock the key to business innovation in the digital age.

We intend that you takeaway a clear idea of ‘what’ and ‘how’ relevant to your company’s transformation context.

Topics discussed:

  • How to leverage API strategy along with your native strengths
  • Reshaping customer experiences with APIs
  • Details on Arya APIs
  • Tutorial - Implementing Arya APIs to transform business processes - customer acquisition, KYC verification and validation

APIs covered in the workshop:

  • Passive Face Liveness Detection API
  • Newest version of KYC Extraction and Verification API
    - Aadhar Masking

           - Validating extracted information - RC, Aadhar, etc.

            - Face verification

  • Signature detection API
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