On-demand workshop: Bank Statement Analyser API

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About the workshop:

Being one of the foremost companies researching and working on Deep Learning, we’ve been motivated to ease the process of incorporating APIs. APIs are crucial for building scalable ‘platforms’ in a short span along with becoming a competitive business advantage.

Arya APIs’ is a curated library of AI APIs that are ready to use, require no customizations, and are trained to work efficiently on generic data.

Financial organisations rely on financial documents and reports for analysing their customers. While the industry is struggling with huge data analysis and fraudulent cases, determining credit worthiness of your borrower is an important aspect.

The Bank Statement Analyser API from Arya APIs library, helps you seamlessly automate the categorising and analysing of bank statements from multiple bank accounts to provide a complete overview of borrowers’ financial records. It is one of the most reliable sources providing you visibility into the financial standing of your prospective borrower; revealing transactions, trends and insights!

Our workshop on Bank Statement Analyser API will provide a quick overview about the API and how you can leverage it to provide a seamless experience to all your customers. The workshop also covers a tutorial on the use of the API and the features that will help you revamp your financial processes.

We intend that you takeaway a clear idea of ‘what’ and ‘how’ relevant to your company’s transformation context.

Topics discussed:

  • Complete overview of the Bank Statement Analyser API
  • Tutorial on how the BSA API works and helps you analyse the financial patterns of prospects
  • Details on analytical reports provided of the bank statements and various metrics used
  • Various features of the BSA API and how to leverage it to improve customer experiences
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