Libra – First Autonomous AI product stack for insurance

A first of its kind, VEGA is an end to end platform for creating Deep Learning based systems. VEGA handles all stages of this process; data preprocessing, network architecture design, training, testing and deployment. And all of this can be done without writing a single line of code!

With VEGA, a user can focus on the essential task of building an AI model, without wasting time or attention on the sidelines for software and hardware dependencies and compatibility issues.

VEGA - Simplifying Deep Learning

Drag and drop framework to build complex neural networks

  • Intuitive and easy to use User Interface
  • Drag and drop layout for model building and creating network architectures

Simulation AI – automate the hyperparameter tuning and model fitment to data

  • VEGA can be integrated with multiple data platforms
  • Iterative training process with ease in tuning of hyperparameters
  • Automate and parallelize testing of model performance

Monitor & debug model training

  • Vega monitors your training process and keeps developers posted on progress and issues. This saves training time, by providing an early warning regarding training failures, well before the training epoch ends.

Deploy and Scale seamlessly across environments (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid)

  • Deploy any model post training with a single click
  • Deployment can be on cloud or on premise as necessary
  • Configure APIs, define business logic - all in one place

One platform for doing everything for Deep Learning!

  • Simple definition of architectures
  • Highly modular
  • Easy to synthesize and visualize
  • No coding required

Everything an enterprise needs on a platform:


Rapidly build, train and reconfigure neural networks for faster time-to-deploy


Monitor deployments and performance. Use metrics to make decisions on scale and architecture.


Cloud or private data centers – deploy and build complex solutions as per needs.


Enable collaborative modelling among multiple team members.


Monitor enterprise wide WIP development activities and deployments through an advanced dashboard.


Structured or unstructured or hybrid datasets? VEGA works with any type of dataset!

Libra – First Autonomous AI platform for Insurance

Libra – Autonomous AIPlatform for Insurance

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