How to build Copilot using GPT4

Vinay Kumar
March 31, 2023
How to build Copilot using GPT4
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The rise of Language Models (LLMs) has transformed the way we interact with machines, and ChatGPT has become the most used general-purpose copilot. However, one of the most significant challenges with ChatGPT is its knowledge base, which is limited to public datasets until September 2021. For many serious users, the quality of knowledge sources is critical, and verticalization presents a significant opportunity to bridge this gap.

Vertical-specific or topic-specific Copilots are the next big thing in knowledge-based assistants. These Copilots can provide specialized knowledge that is not accessible to ChatGPT, such as verticalized knowledge within organizations. The recent update from OpenAI, offering plugins on ChatGPT, enables the deployment of such specialized Copilots within ChatGPT. But like Microsoft’s strategy to build Copilots (product-specific, topic-specific), every other organization will aim to own and mark their Copilot as the industry's best to assist users.   

Our team has published a detailed tutorial on how to build Copilots using GPT4 and Langchain along with a few strategies on how to customize them for better performance. To view the tutorial, visit here.

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