India based AI startups making a global splash

March 20, 2020

This report stated that India has proven to be the breeding ground for AI startups due to the ample amount of data available. I am listing the startups mentioned in the report. If you know someone from the company, mention them in the comments, I will add them to the Community for their comments.

1. Tuplejump – helps clients store, process and visualise data. Acquired by Apple.

2. – provides tools to simplify the process of developing AI systems. First AI startup from India to be selected by Paris&Co as one of the 21 global companies involved in standout innovations.

3. Signzy – AI startup focused on verifying digital documents like eKYC. Won Reserve Bank of India’s payment system innovation contest. Works with IBM.

4. TalView – uses speech recognition to gauge personality of applicants. Works with IBM.

5. ClearTax – an e-filing startup, uses AI for document processing. All data entry is done by machines. First India-focused startup[2] to be funded by Y-Combinator.

6. AIndra Systems – provides handheld devices to detect and identify people. Solves problems like facial recognition and screening and detection of cervical cancer by using computer vision.

7. – Funded by Ratan Tata. Helps help you book cabs, order food, recharge, pay postpaid, electricity, datacard, DTH bills and much more simply via chatting.

AIndra Systems works in the domain of computer vision to solve problems like facial recognition and screening and detection of cervical cancer.