IBM India builds AI Community with startups

By Economic Times,


Aug 24, 2020,

IBM India is building local solutions through its IBM Cognitive Systems AI Community, for which it has already signed on 25 startups.

The aim is to create a portfolio of real-world solutions aimed at cutting costs and improving efficiencies for enterprise clients.

The company launched this India-specific initiative in April and is creating solutions across different categories.

IBM helps the startups with some of the hardware and technology requirements, and provides market access.

“Digital transformation is opening up channels to communicate with clients and a lot of data is available in the public domain. Companies want to harness the maximum information out of the available data. Businesses want to get value out of their data and either use AI and ML to infuse more efficiency into the process or use similar technologies to try and segment their market better,” said Ravi Jain - Director, Systems Hardware, India-South Asia, IBM.

IBM currently has over 20 use cases across segments, including video analytics for post Covid-19 back to work, underwriting for insurance and e-Know Your Customer (e-KYC) norms, among others, and is adding more.

Deekshith Marla, co-founder,, an autonomous AI operating platform built for financial services firms, said, “Often, banks do not want to invest in the hardware needed to run a proof of concept of our software solution. This is a stumbling block for us. Now, IBM helps provide the hardware on a trial basis to the banks to run a pilot.” has created a solution that has reduced the inward cheque clearing time from one cheque per minute, to 18 cheques per second and is currently in talks with public and private sector banks to deploy the solution.