Getting Started

Product Overview

The process of developing AI is complex and time consuming. Neural Networks are crucial for developing artificial intelligence which requires adequate amount of time, skill and technology. 'VEGA' simplifies complex ‘AI’ processes enabling developers and enterprises to focus on core product features.

VEGA can handle any use case like Predictive Modelling, Image classification, Automation, intelligent IoT, Assistive systems for professionals and others from the myriad applications of deep learning.

It is designed to build,deploy and scale Deep Learning algorithms. Using VEGA, developers can create complex architectures by using drag and drop features. 'VEGA' is Integrable with multiple Data platforms to access the data. Given a source of training data, the workbench can access and learn from it.

Vega provides a single click option to deploy on Arya's cloud. Or enterprises can choose to scale on private data centers via provisioning layer. Through Vega, continue monitoring your application and scale as required.