Industrial Overview

In health insurance, claims processing is ultimately the most vital stage of all. A stage where insurers need to prove their mettle by meeting the consumer demands and showing commitment to setting the standard of service with great agility. For a claim to process, it has to haul over multiple layers of human functions right from organizing the data to assessing and decision taking. Such process involves time and works with reduced speed that affects the overall mission of any insurance business.

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Key Insights

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With the increasing flow of data, insurers are facing challenges in terms of efficiency, productivity, operational costs & consumer expectations.


An Artificial Intelligence based application that automates the entire process. Right from assesing and validating the claims till the end decision and adjudication.


Right from reducing operational costs and processing time to a minimum to increasing overall efficiency and setting the standard of customer service.

What's Unique?

A solution that is architected to not only scale with load but also to learn from it. This DL based solution is built to continue learning from inflow of live cases and from expert feedback, to become ever more accurate.