Who we are

In 2013, we started with a vision to build ‘intelligence’ that can help humans in solving complex problems at a much faster pace. We believe in true value of intellectual debate before execution of any plan. To do so, we have been gathering the best talent supported by extensive academic research in the respective domains. Today, our core team is of researchers and scientists from Mathematics, and Computing with hands on academic research from various academic and private institutions.

Majority of our investment is in Research and Development to find better and optimal ways of reaching our goal. Over the time, we also added some of the best business Experts to our team to guide our energies and in working for a common goal of enabling developers and enterprises to build advanced next generation products using ‘AI’.


Build ‘tools’ that can simplify the complex tasks in building ‘AI’ and enable developers to build ‘Strong AI’ system in a short time possible.


Simplify the process of building ‘Artificial Intelligence’ such that anyone can use it to build next Generation products that can solve the most complex problems!

True value of technology is when it enable rich human values and simplify the world around us. Even though ‘AI’ can solve many of today’s complex problems, but the expertise of building reliable ‘AI’ is limited to few people. We believe, everyone should participate in the ‘innovation’ as a frequent act but not just limited to few handful institutions. This can only possible when we could see true democratization of ‘Intellectual’ knowledge supported with needed resources.